Recently, I had to sell a house for an elderly woman through her daughter, who was the point of contact for her realtor. The elderly woman was not in good health – she was on oxygen and her daughter was her primary care-taker.

All communication was done with the daughter as she was also her mother’s power of attorney for the property, even during the property visit; the daughter was the singular point of contact.

Throughout our contact, the daughter continuously pointed out that her mother’s health was deteriorating, thus indicating the need for ease, convenience and time efficiency when it came to this particular estate and its sale. Once we agreed on a contract price, closing became imminent.

There was about a week and a half left until closing and the daughter mentioned that her mother was in the hospital. Then, a few days later, she called to inform us that her mother had passed away.

The mother passing away caused a delay in the closing process as it now had to be done through probate. All of her children and grandchildren were included in the will and all eight parties had to sign over the deed of the estate. Our point of contact lost the position of power of attorney and the closing process was pushed another three weeks.

The family was grieving and unfortunately, our point of contact had to face another source of tension as her husband was hospitalized due to a heart condition. The husband was responsible for moving things out of the property, so that also caused a delay.

Eventually, the property was closed and the seller’s burden was lessened. She can now focus on her husband and the grieving process with a clear mind, knowing that her mother’s property was taken care of as efficiently as possible, especially considering the extenuating circumstances involved.

Losing a loved one is difficult enough as it is. The stress of then having to settle their estate can be overwhelming. Contact Fox Cities Home Buyers to get a no obligation consultation. We have helped hundreds of people in Northeast Wisconsin sell their home with ease. If we aren’t the right fit for you, we pride ourselves on helping direct you to another real estate professional who can help you navigate the probate process.

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