So, you’ve just received your dream job offer, but now you need to move within a few weeks to start in time. Unfortunately, selling your house to a traditional buyer simply won’t work with your strict timeline. Luckily, you can sell your house ASAP when you sell to a cash home buyer. 

Getting an Offer

When you’re selling your house traditionally, getting an offer can be one of the most lengthy parts of the process. Usually, your traditional buyers will expect you to repair, clean, stage, photograph, list, and give tours of your home all before they give you an offer. That can take weeks or even months of time and effort. Getting a cash offer will be much quicker and much simpler. You’ll be able to skip all of the traditional requirements and get an offer simply by contacting your cash buyer. Ask them to calculate an offer for you, give them some information about your house, and you’ll receive your personalized offer within 24 hours.

Meeting Buying Requirements

Next, you’ll need to meet the buying requirements of your cash buyer. Luckily, many cash buyers will purchase your house as-is without requiring you to inspect or repair a single thing. This will save you months of your time, compared to traditional buyers, who usually want you to inspect, repair, and renovate your home before you sell it. Make sure to talk to your cash buyer about their buying requirements and your time limitations before you accept their cash offer.

Closing Processes

When you sell your house for cash, you’ll be able to breeze through the closing processes without unnecessary delays. You’ll just need to sign their closing documents, pay some minor closing costs, and hand over your key and house permissions. Then, you’ll get paid fully in cash! This process will seem so quick and easy compared to the closing processes when you sell traditionally. Traditional buyers often delay your closing date while they’re waiting for their loan or mortgage rate to get approved. Luckily, your cash buyer already has the money to pay for your house fully in cash.

So, if you’re trying to sell your house in a rush, remember that a cash buyer will be your best option. Cash buyers can get you an offer in 24 hours, help you meet buying requirements quickly, and finish closing on your deal all within a few weeks. You’ll be off to your new job and a new home in no time when you sell for cash.

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