When you’re selling your home, you always want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal that reflects the value of your home. Traditional buyers might not always be very accurate with their offers, as they’re trying to save money. Luckily, cash buyers are accurate and transparent in the calculation of their cash offers.

Your Home’s Location

First, a cash buyer will consider your home’s location. Even if your home is a little out-of-style or in need of repairs, a convenient location could increase its value exponentially. For example, if you’re home is located in a desirable location with lots of schools, parks, jobs, grocery stores, conveniences, and amenities, it will be very valuable. If your home is located in an area that was previously quite rural but is now being developed, it will also be worth a lot more than you might expect. Your cash buyer will always consider your home’s location when they’re calculating your cash offer. 

Your Home’s Size

Next, your cash buyer will want to learn about your home’s size to help their calculation processes. They might ask what your home’s square footage is, how many rooms it has, or what the size of your entire property is. This information can help them to determine how much your home is worth. Your home might not be the most modern, fashionable property, but if it has a good, desirable size that is popular on the market, it will have significant value. 

Your Home’s Condition

Your cash buyer will also take into consideration the condition of your home when they’re calculating your cash offer. Depending on the cash buyer that you work with, they might want to visit your home or view photos of it to get a better idea of its condition. This step might typically worry you if your home is an old-fashioned, rundown fixer-upper. If you were selling your home to a traditional buyer, they might lower their offer significantly based on your home’s condition or even retract it. Luckily, cash buyers will buy any house, no matter what condition it may be in. While your home’s condition will be taken into consideration, your cash buyer will see beyond peeling paint or crooked floorboards when it comes to the true value of your home. 

So, if you’re interested in selling your home to a cash buyer, remember this article about their calculation processes. They’ll calculate your cash offer and the value o your home based on your home’s location, size, condition, and several other factors. This will help them to give you their highest, most accurate possible cash offer. 

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