In 2016, Corey and I were looking to buy properties to keep as rental properties for ourselves. When we started marketing directly to sellers to buy their properties the response was overwhelming. We would always (and still always) ask the question, why don’t you list it with a Realtor? Putting properties on the MLS is likely the way that the seller would get the most money for their property. We found that there was a large number of people who were in incredibly unique situations and needed to sell their property, and money is not always the most important thing to all people.

Fox Cities Home Buyers was born out of this concept. Through years of experience and hundreds of transactions, we KNOW that each individual seller has a completely unique situation. We work very hard to make sure we understand what that unique situation is and work with the seller to create a win-win solution.

Some people don’t want to do ANY work to their house before they sell it. We have taken houses with completely full closets and basements and sometimes it looks like the owner just walkedout the door in the middle of lunch. And that is okay. Sometimes a house has a basement issue, or needs a new roof, furnace, kitchen, drywall, etc. We understand that it is completely overwhelming to think of paying money out of pocket to fix these things before you sell a house. So, we always take properties “as-is” meaning the seller doesn’t have to fix ANYTHING. And that is okay. Sometimes the seller needs to sell to get the money to buy or rent a new place but can’t wait until after closing to get the money. We have a solution far that, too! It is okay.

More than anything, our biggest strength at FCHB is to see each individual seller as a person, to operate from a place of compassion, and to get the house taken care of in a timeframe that works for the seller. We strive to make the process easy and understandable and we never forget that people are people and we are in the business of helping people. We’re here for you.